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Last Updated: Apr 21st, 2011 - 14:44:53 
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Reusing Holiday Tissue Paper for a Beautiful Bouquet
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Dec 1, 2010, 13:44 PST

Make beautiful tissue paper flowers out of used holiday tissue paper. It is a great way to recycle some of your wrapping paper during the Christmas holiday. Wear small ones in your hair for Christmas Day festivities, or bring (or make) a bouquet for your hostess for Christmas dinner.

How to make the tissue paper flowers

  1. Gather up any tissue paper that was used to wrap your gifts on Christmas morning
  2. Sort the paper into color groupings: red, white, green, patterns, etc.
  3. Cut the paper into squares or rectangles with 5 to 15 sheets per stack. For small flowers for your hair, use small stacks of approximately 5-7 sheets that are 2" x 3" or 3" x 4". You can experiment a little to see which size works best, depending on the age of the person wearing the flowers. Larger flowers for bouquets can be 5" x 7" or larger. We used to make some very large ones when I was a kid. More layers equal fuller flowers.
  4. Pleat the tissue paper into small, medium, or large pleats, depending on the size of your flower. Try to get at least 3 pleats (2 folds for each pleat) in the small ones if you can.
  5. Take a pair of scissors, fold your pleats in half, width-wise, and cut a decorative scalloped edge. Decorative-edged craft scissors are great for this step. If your stack is too thick, don't fold the stack in half, until after you cut the two ends. Just make sure that you trim both sides of your flowers if you do it separately.
  6. Take any of the following items that you have available: a pipe-cleaner (sparkly ones are cool), a twist tie, or a colored (or plain) paper clips (I like these best for ones that you want to attach to a hair barrette.) Wrap the paper clips around your pleated stack of paper at the folded center point - once or twice will do it. Needle nose pliers help with this, but are not necessary.
  7. Gently fluff your flower by lifting each petal gently upwards and separating them from each other.
  8. To attach the flower to a hair barrette, make sure that you wrap the center closure so that the ends are on the back (or outside) of the flower. Wrap the remainder of the paper clip, pipe cleaner or twist tie around your barrette. Make sure the edges are tucked in. A little hot glue can help secure the ends if you need it.
  9. Add one or more flowers depending on the size of the flowers and the size of the hair barrettes, or make a bouquet with the pipe cleaners as stems. If you don't have the pipe cleaners and want to make a bouquet, use the paper clips or twist ties and attach them to twisted stems made of wrapping paper

Twisted stems

  1. Take a long rectangle of wrapping paper and starting at a corner roll the paper into a tight, solid cylinder.
  2. Once the stem is rolled, fold the long, thin stem in half. Use the top looped end to attach your flower
  3. Take the two slender ends of the wrapping paper stems and twist them together to close your stem and secure your flower.

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