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Holiday Forget Me Nots
By Cynthia Kirkeby & Sarah Lane
Nov 17, 2008, 22:39 PST

Holiday Costumes make Christmas fun!

These holiday "forget me nots" are critical for a Merry Christmas! We've made a list of things to remember to make your gift giving complete. Print this list and take it with you on your shopping trips, and send it to your friends to make their Christmas a merry one as well. (Just click on the link inthe upper right corner of this page.)

Important Holiday Forget-Me-Nots

Clothing: Gift Receipts
Purchasing clothes? Be sure to include a gift receipt. Many stores are nice about holiday returns; however, trying to make a trade without a receipt can be a most unpleasant experience.

New Family Pets: FasTags® ID Tags
New pet? Don’t forget a FasTags® ID tag. These shrinkable tags are a quick, fun family project, ready to protect your pet in less than 5 minutes. Don’t chance losing your new pet over the holidays. FasTags® are available from pet stores and veterinarians, or online at

Electronic Products: Batteries
When purchasing electronics, remember the batteries! Kids are especially disappointed on Christmas morning, if they can’t play with their new toys. Don’t assume you know the size needed. Many items use uncommon sizes. Insert the batteries and assemble toys ahead of time to reduce Christmas Day trash and frustration.

Computers, Printers and Other Tech Gear: Cables
If you are buying computers, printers, VCR’s, or video cameras, be sure you have the needed cables. Manufacturers are notorious for leaving them out. Ask your salesperson which cables are needed. Missing an essential USB cable is enough to drive a “techie” crazy!
Media Players: CDs, DVDs and Online Music Subscriptions
Give a CD, DVD or online subscription to go with your media player. Getting a cool technology gadget and not being able to use it, is the height of holiday frustration. Make sure they have something to play.

Cameras: Film & Memory Cards
If you’re giving a digital camera include an extra memory card. If you’re buying a film camera include a roll of film. Be sure to also include batteries or a charger as needed. This way the camera will be put to good use on Christmas Day.

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