Presidents Day
President's Day
By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2008, 14:00 PST

President's Day is celebrated this year on Monday, February 19th.  This day was set aside to recognize George Washington’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and to honor all past presidents of the United States of America. 
This day wasn’t originally a national holiday, but in 1968 legislation was passed to switch the celebration of Washington’s Birthday to the third Monday of February.  This didn’t actually go into effect until 1971.  Even though the Office of Personnel Management recognizes this day as Washington’s Birthday, most people, and even some states, call this day Presidents’ Day.  It’s especially important to recognize this day in school, as you learn about the great leaders of our nation and their accomplishments.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Additional Learning Links

President’s Day History
Read the complete history of how this holiday came about from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  There is a lesson plan, links, and comprehensive biographies on both Washington and Lincoln.
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President’s Day Resources
This is a helpful list of resources for those studying George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and every other President.
Source: Montgomery County Public Schools, Social Studies
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