Safety in Corn Mazes
By Paul van Gorkom, AlliedBarton Security Services.
Oct 23, 2011, 23:35 PST

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Donít Get Lost in the Corn Maze - Safety Tips for Fun in the Maze

Corn mazes can be scary and full of hazards. use these tips to stay safe.

Corn mazes are large fields of corn stalks, anywhere from a small field to more than 20 acres in size. They can be great fun if they are completed safely.

  • Equip your group with flashlights and cell phones and try to stick together.
  • Some mazes provide young children and groups with colored flags to wave in the air if they get lost. There are also mazes that have call boxes that will turn on a light to alert an attendant that you are lost or need assistance.
  • Teach young children to not go outside of the mazeís path. There may be a busy road or another unknown property beyond the corn stalks.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes as you will be outside. If the path is not wide, corn stalks may scratch your arms. Remember that rain can create muddy, slippery surfaces. Fallen corn stalks may also be a tripping hazard, so watch your step.
  • Avoid smoking while in the maze as dry corn stalk could easily catch fire.

About the author: Paul van Gorkom is the Vice President of Operations at AlliedBarton Security Services. AlliedBarton is the industryís premier provider of highly trained security personnel to many industries.

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