Admiralty Island National Monument - Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Oct 19, 2005, 12:08

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Admiralty Island National Monument - Quiz

Admiralty Island National Monument - Quiz

Choose the best possible answer to each question and click finished when you're done.

  1. When did Admiralty Island become a National Monument through an act of Congress in the Alaska National Interest Lands Claims Act?
  2. What potentially destructive occurance was kept from becoming a reality at Admiralty Island?
  3. How did Alaska natives fight this threat?
  4. What percent of Admiralty Island was spared?
  5. How many acres is this monument?
  6. The majority of Admiralty Island consists of what type of wilderness?
  7. What are the only two national forests in Alaska?
  8. What is the most famous location from which you can you view the 1,500 resident Alaskan Brown Bears?
  9. 956,051 acres (over 1600 square miles) of Admiralty Island National Monument are designated as which of the following wilderness areas?
10. What are the best ways to access this National Monument?

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