Admiralty Island National Monument - Resources
By Sarah Lane
Jan 31, 2005, 16:00

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Admiralty Island National Monument - Resources

After learning a bit more about this fascinatingly frigid place, you might want to visit it for yourself! Learn more about the history of this area with these helpful online resources.

Tongass National Forest
With over 955,000 acres of wilderness in southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, Admiralty’s history is extensive. Use the vicinity map to figure out the boundaries, recreational activities, and much more.
Source:       USDA Forest Service

Southeast Alaska
Learn about the location and size of this island, the main activities associated with the area, and about Pack Creek, the most famous place to view some of Admiralty Island's 1,500 brown bears.
Source:       Alaska Journey

National Recreation
Get a brief description of Admiralty Island, as well as directions to the site. Volunteer in this area, or just learn a little more about its significance. You can view online recreation maps here, and you can also get the latest weather information.

My Alaska
Here’s another brief description of this National Monument from a different perspective. Find out where you can send letters to the Forest Service Information Center to receive more information in Admiralty Island.
      Bell’s Alaska

The Early Years
Read about the early days of this special place, as well as the development and transition of the area. Find out more about Alaska Discovery as an official guiding company today.
Source:       Alaska Discovery

Admiralty Island Wilderness
Take a look at the Earthjustice site to see how they fought for this wilderness to remain untouched.
Source:       Earthjustice

A Paradise on Earth for Brown Bears
If you can get past the funky italicson this site, this is actually a very informative article discussing the habitat of the brown bears on Admiralty Island.

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