Alaska - Educational Films
By Sarah Lane
Jan 15, 2005, 16:19

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The Alcan Highway The Alcan Highway VHS

This is the inside story of perhaps the most impressive feat of road construction in history.

Alaska's Bermuda Triangle Alaska's Bermuda Triangle VHS

Examine every aspect of the mysterious disappearance of two congressmen that prompted the largest search and rescue operation ever launched by the U.S. military.

The Bloody Aleutians The Bloody Aleutians VHS

Veterans of a brutal and forgotten World War II battlefront tell their gripping stories.

Proving Grounds Proving Grounds VHS

Visit the Cold Regions Testing Center in Alaska and the Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs.

Shaken to the Core, Alaskan Earthquake Shaken to the Core, Alaskan Earthquake VHS

Survivors recount the five minutes of horror that forever changed life in Alaska.

Fairbanks: Mining for Murder Fairbanks: Mining for Murder VHS

Examine the fascinating details and confounding mysteries surrounding an explosive murder trial in Alaska.

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