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Aztec Ruins National Monument - Resources
By Sarah Lane
Jan 30, 2005, 14:39

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Aztec Ruins National Monument - Resources

Aztec Ruins - New Mexico
Aztec Ruins National Monument preserves structures and artifacts of Ancestral Pueblo people from the 1100's through 1200s.
Source: National Park Service

Aztec Ruin Monument
Early settlers mistakenly thought that people from the Aztec Empire in Mexico created these striking buildings. They named the site “Aztec,” a misnomer that persisted even after it became clear that the builders were the ancestors of many Southwestern tribes.
Source: National Park Service, Dept. of the Interior

The American Southwest
The monument is just 2 miles from the centre of Aztec, a bustling town near Farmington in the far northwest of New Mexico, and close to the busy US 550 that leads to Durango in Colorado.
Source: John Crossley

Area Parks - Aztec Ruins
The monument was established in 1923, and designated a World Heritage Site in 1987.
Source: Area

Aztec Ruins
Read facts and check out photos of the Aztec National Monument.
L. Michael Smith

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