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By Sarah Lane
Jan 15, 2005, 16:37

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California and the Dream Seekers California and the Dream Seekers - VHS

From the Gold Rush to Hollywood, Napa Valley to Silicon Valley, this is a captivating history of America's promised land and the dreamers and eccentrics who shaped it.

Hollywood's Golden Age Hollywood's Golden Age - VHS

From the "Pink Palace" to San Simeon, visit the relics of Hollywood's halcyon days.

The Grand Tour: Hotel California The Grand Tour: Hotel California - VHS

Journey to exclusive Beverly Hills which attracts the richest and most brilliant of the Hollywood elite, and the centerpiece of this community, the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, which has been the local hideaway for some of the biggest stars in the world.

Shipwrecks! California Shipwrecks! California - VHS

Archeologists and salvagers are engaged in a running battle over the fate of shipwrecks along California's coast.

Saints and Sinners of the California Missions Saints and Sinners of the California Missions - VHS

The dramatic story of the 18th century California missions comes alive.

Living on the Water Living on the Water - VHS

Tour some of the exquisite beach homes of Southern California, including a four-story marvel with a pool on the roof!

Landslides Landslides - VHS

Survivors recall the horror of the 1982 landslides that were the worst natural disaster to strike Northern California since the 1906 earthquake.

Sunset Strip: Paradise Lost Sunset Strip: Paradise Lost - VHS

BIOGRAPHY heads to Hollywood to explore the "life story" of one of the world's most famous streets.

Castles on the Bay Castles on the Bay - VHS

Visit the grand houses of San Francisco Bay, some of the finest Victorian mansions ever built.

The California Killing Field The California Killing Field - VHS

Get an inside look at the case that became the most expensive prosecution in California's history.

California Dreamers California Dreamers - VHS

Visit the mysterious Death Valley castle of Walter Scott and the bizarre mansion built to house the souls of all the people killed with Winchester rifle!

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