Cooch's Bridge Battlefield - Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Jan 31, 2005, 10:57

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Cooch's Bridge Battlefield Quiz

Cooch's Bridge Battlefield Quiz

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  1. Cooch’s Bridge is located in what city in Delaware?
  2. Who led the British troops in the Cooch's Bridge Battle?
  3. The heat of the battle occurred on what date?
  4. In various historical accounts is says that this was the first battle in which the original "what" were carried?
  5. It was the only battle of the American Revolution to be fought where?
  6. The special group of soldiers formed by General Washington and under the orders of Brigadier General William Maxwell, consisted of how many men?
  7. How many men are estimated to have died on each side in the fight?
  8. Who is responsible for the preservation of this historic land?
  9. The historic site includes how many acres of land?
10. In what year did the Delaware Societies of the SAR and DAR lead the effort to create a monument and plaque at Cooch's Bridge?


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