De Soto National Memorial - Resources
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Feb 2, 2005, 10:28

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These resources will help you to explore the De Soto National Memorial as well as the life of Hernando De Soto.

De Soto National Memorial Learning Links

Hernando de Soto
This biography gives an excellent view of this explorer’s life, his expeditions, and his contributions. Extensive hyperlinking within the biography, allows the reader to easily take a look at related materials.
Source: The Catholic Encyclopedia

The De Soto Chronicles: The Exhibition of Hernando De Soto to North America 1539-1543
This two-volume online book on the life of Hernando de Soto is available in its entirety free of charge, courtesy of the University of Alabama Press and the NPS. this is an extremely in-depth publication, and is a must read for anyone interested in this famous explorer.
Source: Clayton, Knight Jr., and Moore - University of Alabama Press - NPS

Hernando de Soto Historical Society
This short overview has an excellent portrait of Hernando de Soto that was painted by one of his descendant's, Rafael M. de Soto.
Source: National Park Service Digital Image Archives

De Soto Memorial
View images of the actual De Soto memorial.
Source: National Park Service Digital Image Archives

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