Fort Caroline National Memorial - History
By Sarah Lane
Jan 21, 2005, 14:23

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Fort Caroline National Memorial, Florida

Fort Caroline began as “Fort de la Caroline” in June of 1564 after the French began their initial exploration of the area. Fifteen months later the Spanish came up from the south and captured la Caroline. There is nothing left of the original fort but there is a near full-scale rendering and exhibits in the visitor center which tell the tale. The Fort Caroline National Memorial marks the Sixteenth Century French effort to establish a colony and preserves their historic struggle of survival.

If you visit this Fort in Florida you’ll also find information about the colony’s contact with the native Timucua. At the Timucuan Preserve Visitor Center you can explore special exhibits including “Where the Waters Meet” which showcases how human have interacted with the environment for thousands of years. Visit the National Park website and download a self-guiding booklet to enhance your visit to Fort Caroline.

Source: National Park Service

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