Fort Leavenworth Monument - Resources
By Sarah Lane
Jan 25, 2005, 09:34

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Fort Leavenworth Monument - Resources

Fort Leavenworth History and Tour
“Fort Leavenworth, the oldest active Army post west of the Mississippi River, has more than 170 years of service to the nation.”
Source: US Army Installation Management Agency - Northwest Region

CAC History Homepage
For the first fifty years of its existence, Fort Leavenworth was a gateway to the western frontier, serving the Army as a quartermaster depot, arsenal, and troop post.
Source: US Army Combines Arms Center

Women of Fort Leavenworth
Learn about the first military women of Fort Leavenworth and their assignments.
Source: US Army Combines Arms Center

Fort Leavenworth History
This crest is based on the Leavenworth family coat of arms.
Source: US Army Combines Arms Center

Combines Arms Center - Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Check here for the Mission and Organization, community activities, history and tour, and newcomer information.
Source: US Army Combines Arms Center

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