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Fort Sumter National Monument - Resources
By National Parks Service
Jan 24, 2005, 21:08

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These learning links explore Fort Sumter National Monument through history, photographs, and more.

Fort Sumter National Monument - History
In December of 1860, South Carolina filed a Declaration of Immediate Causes of Secession. The resulting civil war began in 1861 at Fort Sumter. Learn about this historic moment in time in this short article.
Source: National Park Service

Symbols of Honor - Fort Sumter
These three flags are a part of Fort Sumter’s history:

Source: National Park Service

Fort Sumter National Monument - Historical Photos
This extensive collection of historical photos gives an up-close tour of the Fort Sumter complex. There are 170 black and white photos of Fort Sumter, which are available in both low resolution and high resolution formats.
Source: HABS

Fort Sumter National Monument - Architectural Drawings
These historical plans of Fort Sumter allow for an in depth look at the structures and ground fortifications.
Source: HABS

Fort Sumter National Monument - Photographs
This collection of photographs include historic and aerial photographs of Fort Sumter.
Source: National Park Service

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