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Fort Union Trading Post - Resources
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 28, 2005, 11:44

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Explore Fort Union Trading Post National Memorial with the help of these learning links. We have histories, photographs, virtual tours, and even a model built entirely of legosĀ®!

The House The Ranger Dave Built
This is such a cool project! Park ranger Dave Carr built a model of Fort Union’s Bourgeois House out of Legos®. It took almost a year for him to complete the project, but the finished model was worth all of the work! Great job!
Source: National Park Service

A Tour of Fort Union
Take virtual tour of Fort Union designed for kids.
Source: National Park Service

A History of Fort Union
Fort Union Trading Post was established in 1828 by the American Fur Company. It was not a government or military post, but a business, established for the specific purpose of doing business with the Plains Indians.
A Brief History of Fort Union
Fort Union Trading Post: Grandest Fort on the Missouri (an in-depth history)
Source: National Park Service

Fort Union Trading Post - Historic Structures Report
This report written in September 30, 1968 has maps, a detailed history of the structures and the people that used them. (an online etext)
Source: National Park Service

A History of Fort Union
This detailed history of Fort Union National Monument explains the significance of the fort in relation to the Santa Fe Trail. Learn how this site was chosen, how the fort was used, and why it was eventually decommissioned.
Source: T. J. Sperry & Harry C. Myers

Fort Union Photographs
Explore Fort Union through this gallery of photographs.
Source: New Mexico Entertainment

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