Grand Canyon Historical Poster
By The National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection
Jan 15, 2005, 11:04

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NPS Historic Photograph Collection

Image Description

Approximate Year: 1910

Park: Grand Canyon National Park


Description: A mile deep, miles wide & painted like a sunset. That's the Grand Canyon of Arizona. (Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Advertisement.)

Additional Comments: Scanned from an original "Harper's Weekly" dated December 3, 1910, page 28, Vol. LIV, no. 2815.

Reuse of this image should credit: National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection.


Most image descriptions have been furnished by the original photographer. Place names or geographic references may have changed since the original photo was taken. Text which appears in (parentheses) has been added by the HFC Photo Archivist.

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