Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument - Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Jan 31, 2005, 15:42

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Hagerman Fossil Beds Monument - Quiz

Hagerman Fossil Beds Monument - Quiz

Choose the best possible answer from the choices given and click "finished" when you are done.

  1. Why is this Monument especially significant?
  2. What period are the plants and animals found here from?
  3. How long ago was this period?
  4. What does Paleontology mean?
  5. Paleontologic research has been conducted here since what decade?
  6. What does Geology deal with?
  7. The Hagerman fossil geology has been formed primarily from what?
  8. Which part of this Monument does the Oregon trail cross over?
  9. How many National Parks does the Oregon trail cross where the ruts are visible?
10. Since this park has extremely complicated flow systems, what would be a good topic to study here?


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