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Abraham Lincoln Memorial - Resources
By Sarah Lane
Jan 31, 2005, 15:35

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Abraham Lincoln Memorial - Resources

Lincoln Memorial - NPS
Print out a travel guide, read a brief description of the Lincoln Memorial, get travel basics, and find out what activities are associated with this Memorial. Link to other attractions at the National Capital Parks.
Source:       National Park Service

Lincoln Memorial University

“Lincoln Memorial University grew out of love and respect for Abraham Lincoln and today honors his name, values, and spirit.” 

The Unfinished Lincoln Memorial
Check out this really cool story and image of the Lincoln Memorial as it was being built. By looking at the size of the average height man in the picture, we get a feel for the enormity of the structure.
Source:       U.S. NARA

Abraham Lincoln Online
Learn about the Lincoln Memorial, including how it was constructed, the intricacies of the statue, the inscriptions, visiting information, related links, and related reading.

Washington D.C. & The Lincoln Memorial
Read about the history of this famous Monument and get the necessary resources to assemble a travel itinerary. Also check out Washington’s Neighborhoods, The L’Enfant & McMillan Plans, and The Federal Presence for more.
Source:       National Park Service

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Find out more about Abe Lincoln, information about the Bicentennial Commission, and a list of web resources for places connected to our sixteenth president.
Source:       Bicentennial Commission

Check out our article on Abraham Lincoln.

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