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By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 25, 2005, 12:54

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The Meriwether Lewis National Monument is located in Tennessee at the site of Captain Lewis' grave. These learning links will help you learn about this monument and the life of the man it honors.

Meriwether Lewis National Monument
This monument honors Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame. It is located on the Natchez Trace Parkway, and it marks the his grave. The monument is a broken column which symbolizes his early death. The cause of Meriwether Lewis’ death was never determined, and is thought to be either a suicide or a murder.
Source: The Tennessee Historical Society / The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

Captain Meriwether Lewis
This biography of Meriwether Lewis by PBS gives a good overview of his life, studies, and journeys.
Source: PBS

The Death of Meriwether Lewis
Was Meriwether Lewis’ death a suicide or a murder? Does his ghost haunt his grave site to vindicate his honor? Read an excerpt from Haunted St. Louis, and learn about the various theories about his death.
Source: Troy Taylor

The Journals of Lewis and Clark
Read an abbreviated version of the journals of Lewis and Clark, and trace their travels through their writings.
Download the entire journal as an (.rtf) file, which can be opened by Microsoft Word and most other word processing programs.
Source: University of Virginia American Studies Program

Lewis and Clark Online Base Camp
There are plenty of things to explore on this website dedicated to Lewis and Clark’s adventures. Of special note is “Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark,” which is a virtual expedition for kids that allows them to travel across America mapping the rivers and trails, as they look for a Northwest passage.
Source: National Geographic

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