Mount St. Helens Volcanic Monument - Resources
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 24, 2005, 12:29

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These learning links will allow you to explore the Mount St. Helens Volcanic Monument and its surrounding area.

Mount St. Helens Volcanic Monument Learning Links

Mount St. Helens, Washington
This page has information on the Mount St. Helens Volcano. It includes information on its history, first hand accounts of its eruptions, facts, and legends.
Source: USDA Forest Service

Mount St. Helens Teacher’s Corner
The Teacher's Corner web site is designed to provide environmental and science education information that is clear, useful, and usable for teachers and students alike.
Source: US Forest Service

VolcanoCam Images Archive
If you’re looking for images, movies, or flash presentations of the eruptions at Mount St. Helens, this excellent image archive will probably have what you’re looking for. You can view online movies, view sets of images showing the eruptions, and much more.
Source: USDA Forest Service

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