Old Sturbridge Village - Quiz
By Sarah Lane
Feb 1, 2005, 15:48

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Old Sturbridge Village - Quiz

Old Sturbridge Village - Quiz

Choose the best possible answer from the choices given and click "finished" when you are done.

  1. Old Sturbridge Village is located an hour west of what major city in Massachusetts?
  2. Old Sturbridge Village is a re-created rural New England town from what decade?
  3. How many structures are on the 200 acres of historical land?
  4. The land on which Old Sturbridge Village resides was once a prosperous farm in what century?
  5. This man and his tree sons has a passion for collecting antiques which resulted in the inception of this living museum . . .
  6. The family incorporated the Wells Historical Museum in what year?
  7. Work on the construction of this museum continued from 1937 into 1938, but was halted briefly after what event?
  8. When did Old Sturbridge Village open to the public?
  9. How much was admission to the village on opening day?
10. That first year 5,170 people visited the living museum. Today is boasts how many visitors annually?


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