Oregon Caves National Monument - Resources
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jan 27, 2005, 11:33

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These learning links will allow you to not only explore the Oregon Cave National Monument, but caves in general. How are caves formed, what sort of creatures live in these underground worlds.

Oregon Caves Nature & Science Overview
Explore basic information about this 480 acre monument, then read the sections on the animals, plants, environmental factors, and natural features and ecosystems of this unique national monument.
Source: National Park Service

Oregon Caves National Monument Glossary
Learn the lingo for exploring caves with this helpful glossary. Do you know what Cave Popcorn, Moonmilk, Cave Bacon are? You’ll learn these terms and many others that will shed light on the world of caves.
Source: National Park Service

Oregon Caves National Monument Lesson Plans
Teachers will be thrilled to find this group of lesson plans that focus on subjects related to the caves, including: Geology & Speleology, Hydrology (Water), Old Growth Forest, Fossils, Bats, Cave Adapted Life & Cave Habitats, and Cultural History. If you know of any additional lesson plans on any of these subjects, please let them know. They are very eager to expand their list.
Source: National Park Service

How Caves Form
There are many different ways that caves form. Water is one of the most common carving tools that shape these hidden worlds, but it’s not the only one. Explore this Flash program as it explores the four different agents of cave formation.
Classroom Activity
Source: PBS - NOVA - Rick Groleau

The Virtual Cave
Dave Bunnell has drawn from 30 years of cave photography to create a set of virtual caves where you can see photos of cave formations that it might take decades to find on your own. His beautiful photos of these otherworldly scenes are a joy to explore in his virtual world.
Source: Dave Bunnel

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