Poverty Point National Monument - Resources
By Sarah Lane
Jan 25, 2005, 14:45

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Poverty Point National Monument - Resources

National Park Service - Poverty Point
Located in north-eastern Louisiana, this park commemorates a culture that thrived during the first and second millennia B.C.
Source: National Park Service

Poverty Point State Historic Site
“The Poverty Point inhabitants, like the ancient Mayans, set for themselves an enormous task as they built a complex array of earthen mounds and ridges overlooking the Mississippi River flood plain.” Learn more here.
Source: National Park Service, Dept. of the Interior

Poverty Point National Monument
Scroll down to read information on this monument and follow the link after to reach the Commemorative Area.
Source: GORP

Area Parks - Poverty Point
For services pertaining to the park and for help planning your visit check out this site.
Source: Area Parks.com

US-Parks - Poverty Park
For lodging, park information, and nearby towns and activities check out US parks.
Source: US Parks.com Inc.

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