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Horses: Wild Mustangs & More
Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron

By Cynthia Kirkeby
Aug 20, 2006, 12:55 PST

Horses: Wild Mustangs And More
Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron Lesson Plan

Grade Level: PreK - Grade 5

Subject: Horses

Keywords: Wild mustangs, wild horse Annie, savings wild mustangs, bureau of land management, horse anatomy, horse anatomy quiz, horse worksheets, horse coloring pages, dot to dots, ecology, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, horses, stallions, mares, foals, worksheets for kids, dot to dot, horse worksheets, science worksheets, teaching with film, movies in the classroom, ClassBrain

Author: Cynthia Kirkeby

Affiliation: ClassBrain, Inc.

Date: 21 March, 2003

Duration: 1-2 class periods

Film: Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron

MPAA Rating: G

Spirit and a young Lakota brave, both struggle to gain their freedom against mounting odds.

Learn about horses with ClassBrain’s worksheets, quizzes, and projects.

Project 1:
Study the worksheet on the Anatomy of the Horse, then take the quiz and see how many parts of the horse you know.

Project 2:
Dot to dot pictures. Good for young students.

Project 3:
Print out our Horse Story Worksheet. Look at the horse illustration and write a short story about where the horse is going.

Project 4:
Read about Wild Horse Annie and how she helped to protect wild Mustangs and other wild horses. Read “Wild Horses in America” as well. Write a short paper on why we protect horses in the United States, and whether you think they are a special natural resource.

Worksheets Available

ClassBrain’s easy dot-to-dot

ClassBrain’s challenging dot-to-dot

Horse Story Worksheet

Horse Anatomy Study Guide

Horse Anatomy Quiz


Learning Links on Horses

Horses and Horse Information
Read up on the right tack, what happens to old horses, horse myths, jumping, dressage, and more at this excellent site. This is one of the most cmplete sites we’ve found on horses. The organization and content is extensive and well written.
Source: Horses and Horse Information

Wild Horses in America
Read about the history of why we protect wild horse in the United States.
Source: Bureau of Land Management

Wild Horse Annie Act
In the 1950’s a woman known as “Wild Horse Annie” started a grassroots campaign to protect the wild horses from the “mustangers.” She managed to raise our country’s conscience with the help of school children across the country. Learn more about this woman and the impact she had on wild horses.
Source: Bureau of Land Management

Horse Breeds
Learn all about appaloosas, palaminos, tennessee walkers, and more. This site catalogs more breeds than you’d believe. Explore and learn all about this amazing animal.
Source: Oklahoma State University

What is a horse? How did horses revolutionize our world? These are just a couple of questions this PBS site explores on this site about the horse.
Source: PBS

Glossary of Horse Terms
This excellent glossary covers all sorts of terms associated with horses and their tack.
Source: Horses and Horse Information

© Copyright 2006 by

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