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Last Updated: Jan 8th, 2011 - 16:45:13 


Chickens & Eggs
Movie: Chicken Run

By Cynthia Kirkeby
Aug 22, 2006, 16:28 PST

Chickens And Eggs

Grade Level: Grade 1- 12

Subject: Science, Art,

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Author: Cynthia Kirkeby

Affiliation: ClassBrain, Inc.

Date: 22 May, 2003

Duration: 1-4 class periods

Film: Chicken Run © Dreamworks

MPAA Rating: G for all audiences

Film Information From Chicken Run

In Chicken Run the chickens revolt in the chicken pot pie factory. Nick Parks brings this wonderful cast of characters to life through his art of claymation. Inspire the students in your class with this wonderful film, and use it as a jumping off point to explore such topics as physics, biology, embryology, and ecology.

Projects & Learning Links

Sound and Noise
Try this physics experiment that uses plastic easter eggs to explore sound. A great beginner physics project.
Source: Kid Science
Level: 1st Grade - 4th Grade

The Egg Drop Project (for younger students)
This simple version of the classic egg drop experiment is perfect for students in elementary and middle school. See how many students can pass the test. To make it more difficult, increase the height of the drop.
Source: Joan Berger, CW Post College
Level: 5th Grade - 8th Grade

Pathfinder Egg Drop
Build a tetrahedron and devise the best packing material to keep your egg in one piece.
Source: American Museum of Natural History
Level: Middle School, High School

Hard Boiled or Fresh?
With this simple experiment, a student can determine whether an egg is hard boiled or fresh. A simple, but very effective demonstration.
Source: Cislunar Aerospace, Inc.
Level: 1st Grade - 4th Grade

Take a look at what happens inside an egg during the 21 days it takes a chicken to hatch.
Source: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Level: 3rd Grade & up

From Egg To Chick
A Guide to the Study of Incubation and Embryonic Development. Make your own incubator, study what happens with a chiken’s embryonic development, and even learn how to color-code your hatchlings.
Source: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Level: 4th Grade & up

Prarie Chickens and the Prarie in Illinois
Learn about the prarie chicken, which is now an endangered species in the state of Illinois. What can be done to keep this bird alive in this region? This site includes a thematic lesson plan (clik on the link at the bottom of the page).
Source: Newton Central - Janet Vanderhoof
Level: 3rd Grade - 6th Grade

Going Coo Coo For Chicken Feathers
Read about what Walter Schmidt, an environmental chemist, is doing for our ecology with fiberglass and chicken feathers. Yes, that’s right...chicken feathers!
Source: Agricultural Research Service
Level: 5th Grade & up

The Incredible Journey From Hen To Home
This section on the Incredible Edible Egg website has seven lesson plans for teachers of students in Grades 4-6. The lessons aren’t especially creative, but they cover some important basics, such as nutrition and food handling safety.
Source: American Egg Board
Level: 4th Grade- 6th Grade

© Copyright 2006 by

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