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Last Updated: Jan 8th, 2011 - 16:45:13 


Tunnels of Learning - The World of Ants
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 21, 2004, 23:11 PST

Tunnels of Learning - The World of Ants

Movies in the Classroom



Grade Level  - K-4

Subject  - Science, Music, English

Keywords  - Ants, colony, ant colony, Antz, Z, ant society, leafcutter, ant farm, entomology, Hymenoptera, ant anatomy

Author - Cynthia F. Kirkeby       

Affiliation - ClassBrain, Inc.

Date 30 April, 2002

Duration - 1-3 class periods


Ants are fascinating creatures, and children are fascinated by them.

Harnessing this interest is a great way to introduce children to science.  Is also a wonderful way to integrate science into other subjects. So, crawl around through the pages of this lesson plan and have fun while you explore.


  • Watch Antz and discuss the society of ants with your students.  Give them A Society of Ants and discuss the following questions:
    • What it would like to live in a society of ants?
    • Would they fit in? 
    • Would they be the one that is different, like Z.
    • Which role would they like to play in the colony: worker, queen, etc?
    • Is it important to conform to what other people expect of you?
  • Explore the other resources available below to learn more about the world of ants.

Resources & Materials



Internet resources

Available worksheets


Counting Practice The Ants Go Marching 2 by

Antz Recipes

Parts of an Ant Coloring Page

A Society of Ants

High Hopes- Lyrics

The Ants Go Marching Lyrics

Film 1:  Antz (1998)


  • Synopsis:  
    DreamWorks 1998

A twist of fate turns Z into an unlikely hero. Then, Z finds himself leading a revolution within the colony. Once the most insignificant of workers, Z eventually proved to be the biggest hero of them all.  This is a celebration of individuality over conformity.

Source: PDI


  • Genre(s) - Animation, Comedy
  • Rating - PG for mild language and menacing action
  • Family Rating kids-in-mind
  • Running Time - 1hr 23 min


  • Primary Actors -  Woody Allen, Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Danny Glover, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Gene Hackman, Sylvester Stallone
  • Director                 
  • Music - Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell 
  • Screenplay - Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz 
  • Producers - Brad Lewis, Aron Warner, Patty Wooton 
  • Studio  - Pacific Data Images, DreamWorks                

Reading Connections


Online Illustrated Story


This is a story about an Ant Prince that carves out a place for himself in the world after he loses his kingdom.



Two Bad Ants
One Hundred Hungry Ants
The Ants
The Fascinating World of Ants

Learning Links for Ants


Click here for Internet Learning Links

Click here for Lesson Plans and Experiments




© Copyright 2004 by

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