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Last Updated: Jan 8th, 2011 - 16:45:13 

Film Industry News  

Dennis the Menace is Back for the 3rd Time
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Oct 1, 2007, 18:17 PST

Whether you think Dennis the Menace naughty or nice, you have to admit he's entertaining, and this Christmas Warner Bros. is bring out a new live action film starring everyone's favorite bad boy, Dennis the Menace. The DVD is set for release on November 6th at $19.97. This holiday season, Dennis “The Menace” Mitchell is going to deliver Mr. Wilson the Christmas spirit whether he likes it or not. If you are a Dennis the Menace fan, you have to see this new film!

A Dennis The Menace Christmas combines A Christmas Carol with the live action version of one of America’s most widely recognizable, chaos wreaking comic strip characters. Taking the reigns of a reimagined Mr. Wilson, film and television star Robert Wagner (Hart To Hart, It Takes A Thief, and the Austin Powers films) picks up where previous Mr. Wilson’s (Walter Matthau and Don Rickles) left off. Rounding out the all-star cast is Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) as Mrs. Wilson and newcomer Maxwell Perry Cotton (Brothers and Sisters) as the newly defined Menace.

This Christmas Dennis will face his greatest challenge to deliver Mr. Wilson the “Holiday Spirit” and secure Santa’s delivery of his ultimate present… the Raleigh Mite-Y-Max bike. Along the way, he’ll ruin his school’s Thanksgiving pageant, take on the neighborhood bully, and, as always, make life miserable for poor Mr. Wilson. However, all is not as it seems, and for the first time Mr. Wilson will come away from the holidays with a newfound understanding of himself and his next-door Menace, thanks in part to Bob The Christmas Angel, played by comedian Godfrey (Phat Girlz, Zoolander).

As Robert Wagner recently noted, “there is a little bit of Dennis in all of us, meaning we all try to do our best but it can turn in a different direction. And that’s what’s so bewildering to Dennis. He goes out and wants to be good and bring people such joy and such happiness, and it always turns out the wrong way, but he never becomes defeated by it. He keeps going on and that’s so endearing about the character.”

Originally created as a comic strip by the late Hank Ketcham in 1951, the Dennis The Menace comic strip appears in over 1,000 newspapers in 48 countries and 19 languages. In 1959, the character jumped from the pages of the newspaper and became a successful TV series, starring Jay North as America’s lovable Menace with his trademark “Helloooooo, Mr, Wilson!” catchphrase. Throughout the years the character has evolved into an animated series, two feature films, as well as the face of the Dairy Queen Franchise. It’s easy to see why Dennis The Menace has a 92% awareness level among Americans, placing it in the same category as other famous comic strips Peanuts, Garfield, Popeye, Spiderman, and Batman (WHV Equity Research).

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