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World War II & Easy Company
By Cynthia Kirkeby, Sarah Lane
Aug 22, 2006, 17:02 PST

World War II & The Easy Company

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E Company Marines Remembered

The 13th Infantry Battalion was the first Marine Corps Reserve Unit from Tucson, Arizona to be activated for the Korean conflict in July of 1950.  This is a tribute to the men who returned and to remember those who didn’t.  The oral histories, poems, songs, diaries, and photos are meant to preserve their lives and the great sacrifices made by each member.

Source:      Arizona Public Library


A chronology of the Marine Corps Raiders

The 3rd Marine Raider Battalion was organized and trained overseas.  This is a chronology of events surrounding this group as well as the E-Company from September 29th, 1942 to February 1st, 1944.  You can also access Commanding Officers, combat operations, decorations, and references.

Source:      U.S. Marine Raiders


Band of Brothers - HBO

HBO, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks team up in the special event of a story of three unbelievable years of courage and determination called ‘Band of Brothers.’  The 10-hour commercial free mini-series tells the complete story of the E-Company.  In this documentary companion to ‘Band of Brothers’, you can access ‘The Series’, which follows the company’s progress from training camp through numerous experiences, until ’We Stand Alone,’ the final salute.

Source:      Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.


Band of Brothers Classroom Materials

HBO and School Publishing in association with the U.S. Army hope to educate students about WWII and the men of Easy Company.  Time Classroom provides historical facts, timelines, and images.  InTime, a student magazine, provides background information on battles, members, and key events that took place.  The teacher’s guide has many additional resources.  All are accessible here.

Source:      Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.


Interview with Tom Hanks and Photo Gallery

This interview with Tom Hanks focuses on the making of ‘Band of Brothers’ and its significance in history.  At the bottom of the page is a link to pictures from the set, as well as a link to pictures of the people recreating the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army.

Source:      Entertainment Tonight Online


  In the Company of Heroes

Thomas Potter recollects his visit to Utah Beach, Normandy, France, 57 years after his father jumped to shore.  An emotional account of his trip to the world premiere of ‘Band of Brothers’ follows.

Source:      The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association (Airmobile-Air Assault)


Resources related to Band of Brothers

Resources for the book turned movie ‘Band of Brothers’ are accessible here.  You’ll find maps, books, archives, discussions, links and more.

Source:      Military Advantage


West Point Atlas – WWII

The West Point Atlas provides detailed information on general maps, Early German Offensives, the Russo-Finnish War, the Russo-German War, the War in North Africa and Italy, and the War in Western Europe.  Included are operations, campaigns, invasions, and coalitions.

Source:      Military Advantage, Inc.


Captain “Squeak Greenip”

Culled from letters, photos, and journals from the front, comes this Veteran’s vignette that tells of a critical ammunition run to re-supply troops facing German oppositions.

Source:      Military Advantage, Inc.


Official US Army site about E Company

As the word Currahee in Cherokee means ‘We Stand Alone’, so did the brave men of the Easy Company who adopted this cry in combat.  Read stories of teamwork, the jump, and the cutting edge from the original E-Company of the 101st Division and today’s 101st Airborne Division.

Source:, U.S. Army


Fan Site

This is a fan site of ‘Band of Brothers’ where members can post thoughts, feelings and anything pertaining to the subject.  There are original oral histories and photos to explore and translation is available. This site is dedicated to Eugene Roe, a soldier in the 101st Airborne, 506th PIR Easy Company, as detailed in the Ambrose book and HBO mini series.

Source:      DiscusWare, LLC.


World War II Virtual Postcards

Send a WWII e-card.  Choose your postcard from the historical selection provided.  Click on the stamp you want and surprise someone with history today.



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