Spider Trivia
By Trivia Time
Aug 22, 2006, 17:15 PST

How high could Michael Jordon jump if he were a spider?
If Michael Jordan could jump proportionately as high as a jumping spider, he would be able to dunk on a 260-foot-high rim.

How did theTarantula get its name?
The tarantula was named after the Italian seaport city of Taranto, where the hairy venomous wolf spider once abounded.

What are the largest and smallest spiders?
The largest spider is the South American tarantula, as big as a dinner plate and heavy as a stick of butter. The smallest is the Comb-footed spider, smaller than the head of a pin.

Were any spiders harmed during the filming of Spiderman?
More than 150 spiders were used in the laboratory scene in the movie "Spider-Man." An assistant auditioned spider actors picking the ones with the most predictable behavior, as the Humane Society looked out for their welfare. The movie's bug consultant, Steve Kutcher, stated that no spiders were harmed.

How many spiders are there?
Scientists have identified 37,000 spider species worldwide, (2,500 species in the United States and Canada). Spiders first appeared on Earth 400 million years ago - about 170 million years before the first dinosaurs.

Why isn't a Daddy Long-Legs a spider?
A Daddy Long-legs doesn't make silk, it is a scavenger and not a predator. It doesn't have a narrow waist or complex sex organs, but, like a spider, it is an arachnid.

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