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Last Updated: Aug 27th, 2002 - 07:31:29


Summer Safety Tips For Parents
By Sarah Lane
Aug 26, 2002, 9:35am

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Summer Safety Tips For Parents

~ If you can’t be with your child during the day, make sure they know whose homes they are allowed to visit. Review the neighborhood boundaries of where they can play.

~ Make sure your child understands how to respond to phone calls or visitors when they are home alone. Be sure to stress the fact that they should never tell anyone that they are home alone. Remond them to never open the door unless it’s a trusted adult on the other side.

~ Remind your child of the dangers of strangers. Refer to ClassBrain’s article and quiz for more.

~ Make sure your child does not have access to firearms. Be sure to review the ClassBrain article on guns, as well as the parent and kids safety tip sheets.

~ Investigate your babysitter by using resources for background checks. Watch your child’s interaction with them closely for any suspicious reactions.

~ Investigate day care centers very thoroughly. Check for licenses, survey personnel and activities, and make sure you can come and go as you wish. Show up announced a few times to check on your child’s well being.

~ If you are planning to send your child to camp, make sure you conduct a background check on the establishment and the people working with the kids. Be aware of the adult to child ratio, as well as the activities and field trips in which your child will participate. Check out ClassBrain’s Camp Section for more ideas.

~ Have your kids memorize their name, address, and a phone number of where you or a trusted adult can be reached in case of an emergency.

~ Teach your child how to use the phone to dial 911 for help. Remind them that it’s a free call from any payphone.

~ Tell your child in whose cars they are allowed to ride. Make sure they know never to approach any car unless accompanied by a parent or trusted adult.

~ Keep all younger children away from water unless supervised by an adult. Even a bucket of water or blow-up toddler pool can be a drowning hazard.

~ If you are planning a party, review the ClassBrain party tips before the gala begins.

~ Set a curfew for the little guys that does not extend past dark. Make sure your child checks in often, no matter what their age.

~ Really listen to what your children have to say about any of the above activities. Communicate regularly with them, teach them basic safety skills and how to get out of dangerous situations. For more helpful tips, look over these general safety links which include guidelines for bus, food, and Internet safety.

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