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Last Updated: Jan 10th, 2011 - 11:11:15


Bully Busters!
By Sarah Lane
Apr 24, 2008, 09:19 PST

Bully Busters!

‘If you are willing to admit faults, you have one less fault to admit.’ - Proverb

Whether your child is being bullied by someone, or is bullying someone else, these resources are a great way to stop the problem before it becomes a way of life. Statistics overwhelmingly show that the act of bullying arises when something in the child’s environment has a negative effect on their attitude. They might have been in an abusive situation with parents, another child, or another adult. They, in turn, will react by acting the same way towards someone else, which continues the vicious cycle. It’s a good idea to teach children at a very young age how to communicate and negotiate with their peers. Browse through these pages for some really great tips on how to deal with the problem of bullying.
Click on ‘Helpful Resources’ from the menu on the left for articles, books, multimedia, laws & policies, projects, and research on bullying.

PBS Kids: Bullies
This is an awesome set of articles for kids to read to learn what bullying is, who’s a bully, who’s a target, how to handle it, who’s an innocent bystander, and more. Read Are You a Bully?, Bully-Free Zones, and From the Mentors.
Source:       CastleWorks, Inc.

McGruff and Scruff Avoid Bullies
Here are a couple of cartoon-based short stories for younger kids to help them learn how to deal with bullying. See how Scruff and his friends handle a bully two different ways.
Source:       National Crime Prevention Council

Dealing With Bullies
These three articles, Dealing With Bullies, Who Gets Bullied and What to do About Bullying, and What Happens to Bullies, are a good read for younger kids. They explain in easy-to-understand terms the detrimental effects of bullying.
Source:       The Nemours Foundation

How to Deal With Bullying
This is a fact sheet with eight different ways to deal with bullying effectively, safely, and powerfully. Topics include how to address bullying, how to make bullying against the rules, teaching kids the power of words, and more.
Source:       Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International

The Meanie Mentality
This site is geared towards teens and helping them ‘Deal With It.’ Topics covered include the definition of a bully, how to accept people’s differences, and how to stand up to violence in your school. There’s also an article by a teen who knows what it’s like to get picked on.

Stop Bullying Now!
This site explains what you can do to stop bullying now including how to identify bullying, intervention, and what doesn’t work. Get the latest research, support for targets, and help for bullies.
Source:       Stan Davis, Stop Bullying Now

Bullying Among Children and Youth
This is a link to some literature in the form of a PDF document about the problem of bullying from the OJJDP Juvenile Justice Bulletin, April 1998.
Source:       National Crime Prevention Council

National Bullying Awareness Campaign (NBAC)
Find out the basis of the problem of bullying and read articles on such topics as the Parents Role in Bullying Prevention and Intervention, What Can Parents Do When a Child Complains of Being Bullied, and Advice to Pupils about Being Bullied.
Source:       National Education Association

Special Theme Page: Bullying
This site has a wealth of information about bullying including a ‘Bully Reality Quiz’ and how to use literature to teach about bullying. Get bullying intervention strategies that work, support for victims of bullying, how to stop bullying before it starts, and more from the Education World Archives.
Source:       Education World, Inc.

Bullying Basics
Learn how to identify bullying behavior in children and teens, what the bottom line is on bullying in schools, why adults bully others in the workplace, and how to identify targets of bullying.
EDI and Dr. R. Jerry Adams

Read this introduction on bullying, learn what you can do to help, and get links to more information and references.
Source:       National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

Find out what cyberbullying is and what can be done to prevent such actions. Get facts, news, and related resources.

Bullying Online
Our friends in the United Kingdom have posted this excellent resource that includes advice for parents, advice for pupils, school projects, tips, links, guidelines, campaigns, other forms of bullying, and how you can help alleviate this problem.
Source:       Bullying Online

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