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Last Updated: Oct 17th, 2012 - 03:38:42

Reviews - Products  

GoSwype - Review
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Oct 17, 2012, 02:17 PST

Our review of the GoSwype antibacterial, microfiber cloths for keeping your phone, tablet and computer screens clean and germ-free.


Throughout the year we get all manner of books and products across our desks, some good, some bad, and some of no consequence. Sometimes, I think an item is going to fall into the latter category and I get a reminder that simple ideas are often good ones. GoSwypes fall into that category.

We received a nice package of GoSwypes with various designs from skulls to flowers, to pop culture tech designs. I gave out a few to various friends, from a 20 year old programmer to a 40 year old mom of two, a student, and an executive. Each GoSwype comes in a little sealable plastic sleeve, which originally seemed of no consequence, but which ended up being a nice way to store the cloth.

I've never worn a lot of makeup, and I no longer have little kids to make my phone sticky, but I do go to a lot of business mixers and meetings where friends and strangers may handle my phone or my ipad. With the flu season coming on, I thought I'd try out the GoSwype and see how it worked. I didn't think I'd see much of a change. Was I surprised! There was more grime on my screens than I expected. You can see a bit of it in the picture I took; those aren't shadows but rather the grime that came off my phone and tablet screens. Yuck!

My GoSwype in my computer sleeve

The manufacturer claims that these little wipes clean off up to 98% of germs and grime and from the look of things, it definitely cleaned up a lot of yuck off of my gear. So, they have a convert... actually they have a few. Apparently everyone I handed one of these GoSwypes to has decided to hang onto it. Mine is tucked handily into my computer sleeve. At only $1.99 at retail, GoSwypes may also make a nice stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

GoSwypes gets a surprising and delighted well done by me for a well put together product with appropriate packaging, and simple, but well done design. Good job guys!

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