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Last Updated: Apr 30th, 2012 - 06:28:44

Reviews - Products  

Nawgan - A Drink for Your Brain
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Apr 30, 2012, 05:48 PST

A Review of Nawgan

ClassBrain's review of Nawgan, an energy drink that is billed as a cognitive drink that is good for your brain.

The makers of Nawgan say that the guiding idea behind the product was to make an energy-style drink that stimulates the cognitive functions of the brain, instead of just flooding the body with a general stimulant such as caffeine. They sent me a few cans of the product and I have to admit that I enjoyed the flavor of it much more than any of the typical energy drinks, which tend to be overly strong in their flavor profiles. It seems as though the purpose of some of the Rockstar energy drinks is to jolt you awake purely through your taste buds.

According to the makers of Nawgan, they followed eight principles when they were choosing the ingredients to make their version of an energy drink:
  1. Demonstrated in the scientific literature as being associated with cognition.
  2. Demonstrated in the scientific literature as falling below optimal levels in adults and therefore prompting the need for supplements to the diet.
  3. Natural. This is a critical issue for vitamin E since synthetic forms are biologically inferior to natural vitamin E.
  4. Demonstrated to be safe without health risks or side-effects.
  5. Low calorie, without use of artificial sweeteners. Each serving of Nawgan contains 45 calories in the Red Berries and Orange flavors and 40 calories in the caffeine free Berry flavor.
  6. Low sodium.
  7. No preservatives.
  8. No artificial colors or flavors.
Although the Nawgan drink does have caffeine, it also has an interesting group of other ingredients that have apparently showed value in cognitive research studies. These ingredients include:
  • Citicoline/Cognizin®: According to the makers Choline is available in many foods that we eat (e.g., potatoes and cauliflower) but cytidine, which is critical for brain function, is not widely available in foods consumed in Western diets. Both have apparently shown to be essential for healthy brain function.
  • Lycopene (anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant): Lycopene is a compound in the carotenoid family, which provides the color in fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and watermelon. This class of ingredient is one of many that falls into a health promoter classification.
  • D-alpha tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin E; anti-oxidant): Nawgan also includes 50% of the Vitamin E level that is recommended, but supposedly the Vitamin E that is in the Nawgan drinks is easier for the body to access since it's a natural Vitamin E and not synthetic.
  • Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline (increase in acetylcholine): This is the last of the essential ingredients that Nawgan includes in its roster. Apparently essential to how the brain makes the connections we need in order to sustain our cognitive functions, this is supposed to help us keep our levels up and consequentially keep our memory and thinking skills in good working order

I have to admit that I felt clearer when I drank the Nawgan drinks, and I didn't feel that they were overly cloying in the sweet or taste department. The flavors such as Red Berries, Berry and Tarocco Orange were all tasty and fresh. The drink got me through that lag in the afternoon that plagues so many of us, who function on just a bit too little sleep, and the calorie count is not bad.

If you typically use energy drinks or you occasionally decide that you need an energy drink to get you through a rough patch, you might want to try this quirky new one. Nawgan is a pleasant entry into the drink market, bringing something to the table that is actually good for the brain, and easy on the body, while at the same time delivering the energy support that so many of us appear to need... at least on occasion.

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