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Hint Water - Review
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Oct 10, 2011, 11:59 PST

Hint - Distilled water with an essence of flavor

Hint water advertises that their flavored water has no calories and no sugar, that it is gluten-free and vegan. With all of the things it doesn't have, is it possible that it actually has any flavor? That is exactly what we set out to find out recently after being contacted by Hint.

I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical about Hint. It seemed that if there were flavoring there had to be some sort of chemical stuff or synthetic sweetener, if there weren't any calories. When the samples arrived I found flavors like watermelon, strawberry-kiwi, raspberry-lime, pomegranate-tangerine, and blackberry. Some of the flavors sounded good, others were a little curious, and others were a little off-putting, but I've kept an open mind.

The first Hint I tried was Watermelon. I love actual watermelon, but I have found that most watermelon flavored items don't taste much like watermelon, or just do not taste very good in general. I was surprised to find that Hint had a light watermelon taste. Not something I would want to drink everyday, but surprising none the less. I checked the bottle and the ingredients only show purified water and watermelon and other natural flavors. It has no MSG, no preservatives, no calories, and it is gluten free and vegan. Wow... there must be some elves in the back room making the stuff.

My second taste was of the Raspberry-Lime. I really like Raspberry. Lime.... not so much. I usually think that lime overpowers whatever flavor it is paired with, but in this case the two flavors are remarkably balanced. I was surprised at how refreshing Hint was. It had all of the appeal of a flavored drink without any of the downside - no calories, no sugar, therefore no sugar crash.

Blackberry was next. I love Blackberries, and Hint did not let me down. The Blackberry Hint tastes like you ran pure water through a ripe Oregon blackberry bush...yum. The Strawberry-Kiwi is another favorite of mine, while my daughter is a fan of the Pomegranate-Tangerine.

Beginning this taste test as a heavy skeptic, I have to admit that Hint has a convert. Hint is a great choice when you want a little something , but you want to stay healthy. It's perfect for those who need to restrict their sugar, regardless of the reason. For all of the schools that have replaced their soda machines with SnappleŽ and high sugar juices, Hint is a much better choice as an alternative to soda, koolaid or any other high sugar drink.

When you're in the mood for a little something more, get a Hint... and it's all guilt free!

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