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Last Updated: Nov 16th, 2012 - 05:15:28

Reviews - Books for Children  

Where The Wild Things Are - Book Review
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jul 28, 2012, 00:54 PST

I'm a fan of Maurice Sendak. The new movie, Where the Wild Things Are, based on his children's book had its good points and its challenges. Predictably, some books based on the film have hit the shelves of your local bookstore.

One of my favorite activity books for kids this year!

When I was younger, I loved puzzles! They were so much fun to do. Watching a picture develop was magical. One of the biggest problems with puzzles though, is storing them. Harper Festival books has brought out a Where the Wild Things Are Puzzle Book, and its rather brilliant.

Similar in some ways to the wooden puzzles for toddlers, this book has puzzles that are somewhat more advanced built into a book! How cool is that for young kids! This book is perfect for trips for that very fact.

Six puzzles, based on the beautiful imagery from the movie, are bound into the book, waiting to be disassembled and rebuilt at your whim. The book designers chose some of the most beautiful photo stills from a movie that was full of magical images. It's a delight to turn each page and find the next puzzle.

For the moms out there, who are constantly trying to keep things neat...who me?..the Where The Wild Things Are Puzzle Book is about as good as it gets. This book allows your kids to play with puzzles that can actually be kept neat and tidy, and when it's not in use, it can be stored on a bookshelf. I think this puzzle book is marvelous, and will be loved by anyone who loves puzzles and Maurice Sendak's characters.

If you loved the film, you'll love this next book. I still prefer the original Sendak version.

One of the books, Where the Wild Things Are, the Movie Storybook, is an interesting way to revisit the film, and is a good way to open a dialog with your kids.

A couple of pages overlay type on a photographic image, which makes it difficult to read. For early readers, it's better to have a clear color or very light design behind any type. Images are always a concern, because young readers are just learning to identify letter forms and the photo obscures them to an extent.

I have some problems with the story created by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers, and they are also present in this book, although to a lesser extent. The absence of any primary consequences for the character's actions is a real problem for me. This storybook is a good way to discuss those sorts of issues, if you saw the movie with your kids and you feel the same way. Books are wonderful that way. When there is an issue in a film, you can discuss it, but you have to wait until everything is finished. With a book, you can add commentary as you go. For me.... I still prefer the original Sendak storybook.

You can read my review of the film in Point of View Reviews

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Reviews - Books for Children
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