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Alabama's Governors
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Mar 18, 2008, 16:57 PST

Learn about the first Governor of Alabama, Governor William Bibb, as well as the others who have held this office since 1900.

Alabama’s First Governor

Gov. William Bibb


Alabama’s Governors Since 1900 (most recent first)

Gov. Bob Riley

Gov. Don Siegelman
Gov. James Folsom
Gov. Guy Hunt
Gov. Fob James
(1979-1983) (1995-1999)
Gov. Albert Brewer
Gov. Lurleen Wallace
Gov. George Wallace
(1963-1967) (1971-1979) (1983-1987)
Gov. John Patterson
Gov. Seth Persons
Gov. James Folsom
(1947-1951) (1955-1959)
Gov. Chauncey Sparks
Gov. Frank Dixon
Gov. Benjamin Miller
Gov. David Graves
(1927-1931) (1935-1939)
Gov. William Brandon
Gov. Thomas Kilby
Gov. Charles Henderson
Gov. Emmet O'Neal
Gov. Braxton Comer
Gov. Russell Cunningham
Gov. William Jelks
(1901-1904) (1905-1907)
Gov. William Samford
Gov. Joseph Johnston

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