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CA Restaurants

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Americana Restaurant - Hotel Vitale - San Francisco, CA
By Nora Kirkeby
Jul 25, 2008, 20:31 PST

Some metropolitan areas like New York and San Francisco seem to breed culinary excellence, because of the nature of the area. However, the Americana Restaurant at the Hotel Vitale is a unique thing in San Francisco; a restaurant to which I wouldn't return.

The restaurant was expensive, and very loud. As a bar, which is what many of the people in the front of the restaurant were using it for, I would say it had a fine atmosphere. However, as a restaurant, it was the opposite. Our table was set behind a screen at the opposite end of the restaurant, and the noise was cut down considerably, but the majority of the restaurant's tables were out in the loud hustle-bustle of the main restaurant.

The food was not what I would call mediocre on a good day, and certainly not worth the price. To be fair, I did have the single best scallop I’ve ever had in my entire life there. Unfortunately, I also had the worst risotto I've ever ordered. My companion had the worst vegetables of her life. They were so mushy you almost couldn't tell what they were.

All and all, the impression left was not a good one. One of their appetizers featured a plate of salami, fresh bread, and olives. The olives were completely inedible, which is a hard thing to do to a simple olive. My scallops came plated with the risotto, which was closer to undercooked rice in cream, and some floating green oil. I thought the oil must be an herb oil, but it had zero flavor. Its only purpose seemed to be to add green oil spots to my entrée. The bread pudding was passable, neither the worst nor the best I’ve ever had.

Now here’s the hard part, would I recommend it? I certainly wouldn’t recommend that you eat there, but their restaurant seemed to be a very popular bar and social meeting place. It is probably a great place to grab a cocktail and meet a friend. When it comes to dinner, however, with all the great restaurants in San Francisco, skip their dinner options and go somewhere incredible.

Address: 8 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94105

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