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AZ Natural Resources

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Natural Resources of Arizona
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Mar 17, 2006, 11:49 PST

Arizona is a state rich in natural resources. This list will help you explore many of them with the click of the mouse.

Waters and Species Charts
See which fish can be found in which lakes and rivers in Arizona. This chart is for the White Mountain region, switch to one of the other charts to see the species in other regions of Arizona.
Regions available:

Source: Arizona Game & Fish

Exploring Arizona’s Natural Resources

Learn about Arizona’s plants and animals in this interesting lesson. Explore fir forests, grasslands, desert, pine forests and more. Check the plants and animals indexes to learn which species grow in the state. This is an excellent place to learn about Arizona’s natural resources.
Source: Arizona Game & Fish

Wildlife Photo Gallery
Check out these great photos of Arizona wildlife.
Source: Arizona Game & Fish

Arizona Mountain Ranges Highpoints List
This list outlines a total of 193 mountain ranges whose highest points are in Arizona. Eleven more run through the state and have their highest points in an adjacent state. This is a very comprehensive list.

Arizona State Parks
Explore the state parks through this complete list. Click on a park to learn more.
Source: Arizona State Parks

National Parks of Arizona
Arizona has had many areas designated as National Park. Explore all of them through this interactive map.
Source: National Park Service

Arizona Crop Information Site
Learn about Arizona's crops and the bugs that attack them.
Source: University of Arizona

Rocks & Minerals of Arizona
Which minerals are found in Arizona? This great list will educate you on the rocks mined in the state.
Source: Arizona Mining Association

Arizona Biomes
Explore Arizona’s biomes and the plants that grow in each of the regions.
At the time of this writing the map is malfunctioning but the materials can be reached through the menu.
Source: Northern Arizona University

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