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Arkansas Recipes
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Sep 17, 2007, 15:48 PST

Arkansas Recipes

The following recipes will introduce you to the foods of Arkansas. Some of the recipes are for easier items that are good for classroom state report projects such as Hush Puppies and Peanut Butter Lover’s Dip. There are also recipes that are a bit more exotic, such as Corn Cob Soup and Cranberry Appetizer Turkey Rounds. Enjoy yourself as you explore the tastes of Arkansas.

Arkansas Recipes
Here are a few recipes that are Arkansas standards such as hush puppies, hot sauce, Arkansas BBQ sauce, and Hot Pepper Relish.
Source: Vernalisa

Rural Arkansas Recipes
You may not have thought about a scoopable pizza, but that’s exactly how one of these Arkansas appetizers is described. The appetizers listed are both good for classroom preparation.
Source: Rural Arkansas

Greek Food Festival Recipes
Each year there is a Greek food festival in LIttle Rock Arkansas. These recipes come from the participants in this internationally flavored festival.
Source: Greek Food Festival

Arkansas Persimmon Pudding
This simple but unusual Arkansas dessert recipe will delight fruit lovers.
Source: Just Fruit Recipes

Riceland Recipe Box
99% of the rice in the United States is grown in six states, one of which is Arkansas. This is an extensive collection of rice recipes that is sure to have something that appeals to your favorite student. Use the search page or browse through the recipes in this list.
Source: City of Rogers Historical Museum

Cumberland Presbyterian Ladies Cook Book
These sample Arkansas recipes from this historic cookbook include cream candy, molasses cookies, and corn cob soup. Recipes are towards the bottom of the page.
Source: City of Rogers Historical Museum

Turkey Recipes
Arkansas raises turkeys that are sold throughout the country. These recipes are often high in protein and cover appetizers as well as main course standards. Check out the Apple Turkey Burgers next time you’re thinking about making a standard hamburger, or the Cranberry Appetizer Turkey Rounds for classroom tasting.

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