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AR State Symbols

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Songs of Arkansas
By Nora Kirkeby
Aug 23, 2006, 14:23 PST


Song by Eva Ware Barnett and Will M. Ramsey
Arkansas was the originally “official state song”, adopted January 12, 1917.
Due to copyright dispute it was replaced by The Arkansas Traveler in 1945
It regained its title of "official state song" in 1963.
Later it became the “official state anthem,” adopted 1987.

I am thinking tonight of the Southland,
Of the home of my childhood days,
Where I roamed through the woods and the meadows,
By the mill and the brook that plays;
Where the roses are in bloom,
And the sweet magnolia too,
Where the jasmine is white
And the violets are blue,
There a welcome awaits all her children
Who have wandered afar from home.

Arkansas, Arkansas, tis a name dear,
'Tis the place I call "home, sweet home";
Arkansas, Arkansas, I salute thee,
From thy shelter no more I'll roam.

'Tis a land full of joy and of sunshine,
Rich in pearls and in diamonds rare,
Full of hope, faith and love for the stranger,
Who may pass 'neath her portals fair;
There the rice fields are full,
And the cotton, corn and hay,
There the fruits of the field,
Bloom in winter months and May,
'Tis the land that I love, first of all, dear,
And to her let us all give cheer.

Repeat Chorus

Photo by Dave Powell of the USDA Forestry Service, courtesy of Forestry Images

The Arkansas Traveler

Music by Colonel Sanford (Sandy) Faulkner (mid 1800s)
Lyrics by the Arkansas State Song Selection Committee (1949)
The Arkansas Traveler the “official state song,” from 1945-1963,
due to a copyright dispute with Arkansas, which was the original state song.
The Arkansas Traveler later became the “official state historical song” in 1987.

On a lonely road quite long ago,
A trav'ler trod with fiddle and a bow;
While rambling thru the country rich and grand,
He quickly sensed the magic and the beauty of the land.

Chorus: For the wonder state we'll sing a song,
And lift our voices loud and long.
For the wonder state we'll shout hurrah!
And praise the opportunities we find in Arkansas.

Many years have passed, the trav'lers gay,
Repeat the tune along the highway;
And every voice that sings the glad refrain
Re-echoes from the mountains to the fields of growing grain.

Repeat Chorus

Listen to the music for The Arkansas Traveler
Courtesy of HomewithGod

Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)

(A Current Official State Song)
Written and composed by Wayland Holyfield
Adopted in 1987

October morning in the Ozark Mountains,
Hills ablazing like that sun in the sky.
I fell in love there and the fire's still burning
A flame that will never die.

Oh, I may wander, but when I do
I will never be far from you.
You're in my blood and I know you'll always be.
Arkansas, you run deep in me.

Moonlight dancing on a delta levee,
To a band of frogs and whippoorwill
I lost my heart there one July evening
And it's still there, I can tell.

Repeat Chorus

Magnolia blooming, Mama smiling,
Mallards sailing on a December wind.
God bless the memories I keep recalling
Like an old familiar friend.

Repeat Chorus

And there's a river rambling through the fields and valleys,
Smooth and steady as she makes her way south,
A lot like the people whose name she carries.
She goes strong and she goes proud.

Repeat Chorus

Photo by John D. Hodges of Mississippi State University, courtesy of Forestry Images

Oh, Arkansas

(A Current Official State Song)
Song by Terry Rose and Gary Klaff
Adopted 1987

It's the spirit of the mountains and the spirit of the Delta,
It's the spirit of the Capitol dome.
It's the spirit of the river and the spirit of the lakes,
It's the spirit that's in each and every home.
It's the spirit of the people and the spirit of the land,
It's the spirit of tomorrow and today.

Oh Arkansas, oh Arkansas, Arkansas U.S.A.
It's the spirit of friendship, it's the spirit of hope.
It's the Razorbacks every game they play.
Oh Arkansas, oh Arkansas, Arkansas U.S.A.

It's the spirit of the forest, it's the spirit of the eagle.
It's the spirit of the country that we love.
It's the spirit of pride that we all feel deep inside,
It's the spirit that shines from above.
It's the spirit of our fathers, it's the spirit of our kids,
It's the spirit of the music that we play.

Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.
Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.
Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas, Oh Arkansas U.S.A.

Listen to the music for Oh Arkansas
Courtesy of HomewithGod

Photo by Eugene F. Hester, from the NCTC Image Library, courtesy of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Digital Library System

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