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CA Agriculture

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California Forests, Farms, & State Foods
By Sarah Lane
Mar 17, 2006, 11:26 PST

California Farms, Forests & State Foods

California Farms

Here you’ll find ‘California: Farmland in the path of development.’ Find out how sprawling development is threatening America’s best farmland and download a PDF map to find out where the farms are located, which lands are Federal & Indian lands, and areas that are urban.
Source: American Farmland Trust

California Forests
Forestry USA is your Internet gateway to forestry and forest products in America. Scroll down this list to find California’s contact information as well as resources for forests in all 50 states.
Source: Elizabeth Ruiz

California State Food
Have to make a dish as part of your state report? Looking for California’s specialties? Check out this list of traditonal state foods.
Source:Lynne Olver, editor of the Food Timeline

Find more information on California forest, farms, and food with help from Google.

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