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AL State Symbols

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Alabama State Symbols
By Nora Kirkeby
Jul 7, 2009, 17:00 PST

Alabama State Symbols

Alabama Art and Theatre Symbols
  • Alabama State Folk Dance: Square Dance
  • Alabama State Historic Theatre: Alabama Theatre
  • Alabama State Outdoor Drama: Miracle Worker
  • Alabama State Outdoor Musical: The Incident at Looney's Tavern
  • Alabama State Poet Laureate

Alabama Botanical and Garden Symbols
  • Alabama State Flower: Camellia
  • Alabama State Tree: Longleaf Pine
  • Alabama State Soil: Bama Soil Series
  • Alabama State Wildflower: Oak-leaf Hydrangea
Alabama Food Symbols
  • Alabama State Barbeque Championship: Christmas on the River
  • Alabama State Fruit: Blackberry
  • Alabama State Nut: Pecan
  • Alabama State Spirit: Conecuh Ridge Whiskey

Alabama Geological and Archaeological Symbols
  • Alabama State Fossil: Eocene Whale
  • Alabama State Gemstone: Blue Star Quartz
  • Alabama State Mineral: Hematite
  • Alabama State Rock: Marble

Florida Legislative Symbols
  • Alabama State Coat of Armas
  • Alabama State Creed
  • Alabama State Flag
  • Alabama State Seal
  • Alabama State Song: Alabama

Alabama Living Symbols (Animals and Fauna)
  • Alabama State Amphibian: Red Hills Salamander
  • Alabama State Bird: Northern Flicker
  • Alabama State Butterfly: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
  • Alabama State Freshwater Fish: Largemouth Bass
  • Alabama State Saltwater Fish: Fighting Tarpon
  • Alabama State Game Bird: Wild Turkey
  • Alabama State Horse: Racking Horse
  • Alabama State Insect: Monarch Butterfly
  • Alabama State Reptile: Red-bellied Turtle

Alabama Location Symbols
  • Alabama State Agricultural Museum: Dothan Landmarks Park
  • Alabama State Championship: Alabama Open
  • Alabama State Renaissance Faire: Alabama Renaissance Faire

Alabama Miscellaneous Symbols
  • Alabama State Bible
  • Alabama State Shell: Johnstone's Junonia
  • Alabama State Quilt: Pine Burr Quilt

State Symbols

Kids Symbols & Emblems
This page of information has additional notes for kids, and the symbols are listed alphbetically.
Source: Alabama Department of Archives & History

Suggested Reading

Alabama Facts and Symbols
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Learn more about Alabama's symbols with help from Google.

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