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LA History & Facts

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History & Statistics on Louisiana
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 1, 2006, 12:42 PST

About Louisiana

This great time line is an easy way to learn about Louisiana's vast history.
Source: The Governor's Office

Explore Louisiana - Culture
Louisiana is blessed with a rich array of cultures that not many other states share. On this site learn about Louisiana's African American, Cajon, Creole, Hispanic, and Native American roots. Did you know that the Native Americans from the area now known as Louisiana built mounds that are older than stone hedge? This is a great place for quick informative culture information.
Source:Louisiana Travel

The Civil War in Louisiana
Learn about the crucial part Louisiana played during the Civil War at this website.
Source:The Civil War in Louisiana

Louisiana Music Trail
The Louisiana Music Trail follows a path that meanders through countless cultures and generations of history. From the grand concert halls to the obscure roadside honky-tonks, from historic Congo Square in Armstrong Park to places where Mardi Gras Indians roam, travelers who travel this trail are treated to the rich and abundant musical legacy that is distinctly and unmistakably Louisiana. Learn all about it here!
Source: Louisiana Office of Tourism

Explore Louisiana - History
Get a great short sampling of Louisiana's history at this site, and a look at Louisiana's historic Main Street downtowns.

Links to Studies of Cajon and Creole Culture
Find Creole history links, Cajon music links, and much, much more at this handy cultural reasearch website.
Source:Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism

A Brief History of Louisiana Under 10 Flags
You can learn all about the 10 different flags that have flown over Louisiana since its European discovery.
Source: Louisiana Secretary of State

Louisiana Cultural and Historical Information
Access information about anything Louisiana has to offer at this site. From African Americans in Louisiana to the USS Louisiana's history, you will find it all here.
Source: State of Louisiana

The Louisiana Purchase
Find out how Louisiana was first acquired by the United States in 1803 for 15 Million dollars at this website.
Source: Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism

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