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ME History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


History & Statistics on Maine
By ClassBrain Staff
Oct 10, 2006, 19:22 PST

All About Maine - History Timeline
You can get a timeline of Maine's history at this fun and easy to understand site. From 11,500 years ago to 1997, they have it all.
Source: Secretary of State Kid Page

Maine History Told By Mainers
"Learn about Maine history from the experts - the Mainers who experienced it. Find out how things have changed, what it was like in Maine during some of the important historical events of the last century, and more." It's best when it's handed down from the people who were there.
Source: The State of Maine

Facts About Maine
Fast facts, fun facts, products made in Maine, and more can be found here.
Source: The State of Maine

The Story of Maine
This program includes and extensive interactive timeline of Maine's history. This is an excellent place to uderstand what shaped Maine as it is today.
Source: PBS

History of Metal Mining in Maine
Probably the earliest commercial operation in Maine was the mining of bog iron in Newfield, a small scale operation that continued for many years. What came next? Read more to find out...
Source: Maine Department of Conservation

Welcome to a Little Town in Maine
Learn all about the history of this sleepy little town in Maine. You'll be surprised what you find out about it.
Source: Maine State Archives

Maine Firsts Throughout History
See all the great Maine firsts, from its inauguration as a state to its industrial birth at this site.
Source: Maine State Senate

Learn more with the help of Google.

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