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MO History & Facts

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History & Statistics on Missouri
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 7, 2006, 17:45 PST

State Archive Documents
This site has all sorts of information about Missouri's past. From Railroad Bonds to the petition for statehood to a slave inventory, this site has everything you're looking for.
Source: Secretary of State

Why is Missouri Called the Show Me State?
Missouri has had many nicknames through the years, but the one most widely known is the "Show Me State." Find out all about this crazy nickname at this site.
Source: Missouri Secretary of State

Missouri Civil War Map of Battles
See a map with all the battles fought in Missouri during the Civil War. Then click on the site you want to know more about and learn the history of the battle.
Source: National Park Service

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
Find out which locations are famous in Missouri on this list of historic locations of the Civil Rights Movement.
Source: National Park Service

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