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NJ History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


History & Statistics on New Jersey
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 22, 2006, 18:07 PST

Professor Foulkii's Cartoon History of New Jersey - (Macromedia Flash Required)
This is a great way to learn New Jersey History. Sit back and watch a cartoon of the great state's beginnings at this fun and interactive site.
Source: State of New Jersey

The Garden State and Other New Jersey Nicknames
There are many different ideas about how New Jersey became The Garden State. Decide for yourself with the information you learn at this website.
Source: State of New Jersey

A Short History of New Jersey
Start with the original inhabitants of New Jersey, the Delaware Indians and work your way through the 1900s.
Source: State of New Jersey

Famous Firsts
Discover all the ways in which New Jersey led the way. You can find all the state's great firsts at this website.
Source: State of New Jersey

Did You Hear the One About?
See all the crazy things that have happened in New Jersey at this website.
Source: State of New Jersey

State Government
Find out how the state government originated, the people who made it possible, and other interesting facts at this website.
Source: State of New Jersey

Old Barracks Museum
Discover the brave men who fought for the freedom of our country during the Revolutionary War at this website.
Source: The Library of Congress

The Synopsis of New Jersey History
Read this quick essay to learn all about New Jersey's rich history.
Source: Howard L. Green, New Jersey Historical Commission

New Jersey Milestones
This website is full of all the incredible accomplishments of people from New Jersey. The state's great dates all appear here along with a brief description of what occurred.
Source: New Jersey Tourism and Travel Commission

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