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OK History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


History & Statistics on Oklahoma
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 3, 2006, 18:25 PST

Oklahoma History
The state's unique history has made for a rich, colorful and outright exuberant heritage that Oklahomans delight in sharing. This chronology gives you a quick overview of what has hapened in the state of Oklahoma.
Source: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department

Oklahoma's History
Discover Oklahoma's history at this website. Learn about its earliest exploration, its struggle to become a state, and more.
Source: Office of State Finance

1921 Tulsa Race Riot Commission
Find out why the Tulsa Race Riot began, what caused it, and what the long-term affects were.
Source: Montgomery College

History of the Cherokee
Discover the rich cultural history of this amazing group of Native Americans at this website. You will find how they survived the Trail of Tears, how they adapted their culture, and why they are such an important part of Oklahoma's history.
Source: Ken Martin

History & Culture: Oklahoma in the 1930's
Read about the impact the Great Depression had on the Dust Bowl and Oklahoma at this website.
Source: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
Find out which locations are famous in Oklahoma on this list of historic locations of the Civil Rights Movement.
Source: The National Register of Historic Places

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