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PA History & Facts

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History of Pennsylvania
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 3, 2006, 16:21 PST

When you explore Pennsylvania’s history through this website, not only are you introduced to exciting new featured stories and attractions, but you also have the ability to travel back into the past. Interact through the use of visually enhanced features and keep up-to-date with Pennsylvania events. The rich heritage of the people and events surrounding the start of America is divided into areas enabling you to Explore PA History, Visit PA Regions, and Teach PA History.

Stories from Pennsylvania
- Great stories of Pennsylvania's past and present.

Visit PA Regions - Select a region from the map on the left to further explore Pennsylvania’s regions. Once inside you can learn about the area’s history, conduct an attractions search, get a suggested travel itinerary, and more.

Teach PA History - Teachers will be better prepared for classroom discussions after finding numerous lesson plans relating to a particular year, story, region of PA, or discipline of their choice.

In all, this is a great way to learn more about the second state to join the Union.


Pennsylvania Trail of History
Whether you are exploring Pennsylvania history, need information for your classroom or school report, or just like to find out interesting and intriguing things about Pennsylvania, you will find this an excellent site.
Source: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Access the Constitution of Pennsylvania in its original language at this website.
Source: State of Pennsylvania

Historic Places
In Pennsylvania, you can re-live General Washington's Crossing of the Delaware River, see one of the world's best collections of trains and railroading equipment, view the battlefields where many had perished for their freedoms, explore the "tough as coal" lifestyles of a miner in northeastern Pennsylvania, and lots more.
Source: State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania History
Learn all about the history of Pennsylvania at this website. They cover everything from the Native People to the European settlers here.
Source: Pennsylvania State Legislature

History of Pennsylvania State Police
This site has some very interesting information about Pennsylvania's first policemen (c. 1900-1940). You will also find a great black and white photo of these brave warriors at the top of the page.
Source: State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Covered Bridges
You can find great information about Pennsylvania's beautiful covered bridges at this website.

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