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SC Maps

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


Maps of South Carolina
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 5, 2006, 18:40 PST

South Carolina State Map
If you need a map that shows the major freeways in South Carolina, this is it.
Source: World Sites Atlas

Outline Map of South Carolina
This is a basic black and white map showing the county lines as its only details.
Source: Indiana State University

Annual Average Precipitation Map
This map shows the average annual rainfall in the state.
Source: Spatial Climate Analysis Service, Oregon State University

Interactive Map of Important Battles
This map of South Carolina has county and city distinctions, as well as the sites of important battles. Run your mouse over these historic points of interest to reveal information about each of the battles.
Source: Furman University

Landform Map of South Carolina
This landform map shows the physical features in the state of South Carolina.
Source: Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Discovery Route Map
See a map with South Carolina's original discovery route. Check out the historical points of interest marked along the trail.
Source: South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Coastal Evacuation Route Map
This interactive map shows the routes used to evacuate the coast in case of flood or hurricane.
Source: South Carolina Department of Transportation

Merriam Webster Atlas
This atlas page shows the South Carolina state map and some quick facts. There is also a good explanation of the symbolism of the state flag.
Source: The New York Times and Merriam Webster

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