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SD History & Facts

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010 - 21:01:09


History & Statistics on South Dakota
By ClassBrain Staff
Aug 6, 2006, 18:43 PST

Historical Events in South Dakota
See the major historical events in South Dakota's past at this website. They're broken down by place, participants, and times.
Source: Office of the Governor

South Dakota Legends
Discover all the incredible legends that surround South Dakota's past. From stories about Jesse James to Lawrence Welk, this site has some amazing legends.
Source: Office of the Governor

South Dakota History & Heritage
South Dakota's history reads like an adventure story. It's a tale of Plains Indians, explorers, and pioneers. It features names like Crazy Horse, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lewis and Clark, and Wild Bill Hickok. Learn all about the rich cultural heritage of this state here.
Source: South Dakota Department of Travel and Tourism

Virtual Tour of the Lewis & Clark Trail
Prepare to embark on a journey that bridges time. As you proceed along the route where Lewis and Clark explored, you will be viewing the areas recorded in their journals. Be advised that this is a high quality graphical tour, so be patient while the images load.
Source: South Dakota Department of Travel and Tourism

A Guide To The Great Sioux Nation
South Dakota holds a diverse population. More than 62,000 American Indians live in this state; most of whom are Dakota, Lakota or Nakota people, also known collectively as Sioux. Find out more through this great guide.
Source: South Dakota Department of Travel and Tourism

Mammoth Site
Learn all about the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota at this great site! You'll find a tour of the Mammoth Site Museum and Muller Exhibit Hall, lots of mammoth information, educational activities, and research data! This is a great site to learn about mammoths that are over 26,000 years old!
Source: Mammoth Site Museum

Mount Rushmore
Visit this official site of South Dakota to learn all about Mount Rushmore. There's a great section on the creation of the monument, a section with the dates and times of operation, a section on the history of the making of Mount Rushmore, and even a photo album.
Source: South Dakota Department of Travel and Tourism

Crazy Horse Memorial
Check out a chronological timeline of the blasting of this great memorial, see pictures of how the memorial will look when it's eventually finished, get information on visiting Crazy Horse, read about the history, and much more at this cool site!
Source: Crazy Horse Memorial Fund

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